Stop Settling – Drink Wolfhead Coffee

Rediscover Coffee With Wolfhead

Proprietary Smoking Technique | Hand Roasted Beans | Made in Small Batches

Hand Crafted In Northern Ontario

Taking our name from the shape of Lake Superior, Wolfhead Coffee is a Northwestern Ontario gem. Tucked away in one of Thunder Bay’s oldest suburbs, and close to the bustling cafés of its downtown core, we do small-batch coffee roasting and smoking in our custom-designed and built roastery. We create quality, flavourful and unique coffees that match the power and beauty of the lake that inspires us.

Find Your Flavour

Hickory Mesquite Smoked Coffee

Warm and inviting with a lingering wisp of wood smoke.

Cinnamon Applewood Smoked Coffee

Sweet, woodsy cinnamon paired with a soft curl of applewood smoke.

Applewood Smoked Medium Roast

A delicate, smoky savor wafts through this bright blend combining floral and tobacco notes.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Medium

Balanced by a hint of tobacco and a subtle, earthy finish, it’s the perfectly weighted cup.

Kenya Medium Roast

Complex and charming with an irresistible citrus undercurrent. (Excellent for espresso-based brews.)

Africa Blend Medium Dark Roast

A well-rounded, rewarding brew with honey mid notes.

Sulawesi Medium Dark Roast

This bright, medium-bodied cup starts in your coffee comfort zone and releases a fresh flavour.

Black and Tan Espresso

Espresso lovers rejoice. This intense and full-bodied specialty blend combines dark chocolate, leather and anise notes.

Papua New Guinea Dark Roast

This full-bodied and well-rounded brew is immensely satisfying and comes with an impressive finale.

Mexican Decaffeinated

A warm, medium-bodied brew with a sunny base note of dried fruit.